Jeanne Beauchemin

I am currently doing a master's degree in the field of migration and border geography. My research will highlight how violence has become intrinsically linked to contemporary borders and how the principle of the best interests of the child is hampered by policies involving the restriction of mobility.​


Marianne Turcotte-Plamondon

I am a master's candidate in the Departement of Geography at the University of Montréal. I am interested in understanding how migrants newly arrived to Montreal experience the early stages of their integration process. My research concentrates on neighbourhood and municipal scales. I also focus my work on mapping state efforts to limit and manage migration.


Jessie Bigras-Lauzon

I am a master's student in geography at the University of Montreal. In my research, I analyze the arrival of unaccompanied migrants minors to the Canadian border. I am interested in the tension between Canada's moral and legal obligation to protect these migrants and Canadian border governance imperatives.


Guillermo Candiz

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geography, Université de Montréal and an associated researcher at the Canada Research Chair in Global Migration Processes, Université Laval. My work focuses on migration in America and North Africa, and particularly on the migration paths of Central Americans to Mexico and sub-Saharan people to Morocco.